Vulnerability Scanning

As part of your organizations NIST SP 800-171 and CMMC Level 2 compliance, organizations are required to scan for vulnerabilities within their IT systems and applications. These scans are an automated technological scan and should not be confused with the Security Assessment. Vulnerability scanning takes place as part of the larger Security Assessment, and is automated, rather than manual.

To complete this requirement, your organization will need to invest in either scanning software, or a third-party who provides the scans. The correct choice is dependent on the size of and complexity of your organization. For instance, does your organization possess the technical expertise to both select a software solution, implement, and run the scanning software, and then accurately interpret and correct vulnerabilities detected? Businesses who do not possess this expertise are better off partnering with a third-party expert.

Cost is another factor. Scanning software can be very expensive, and licensing costs often scale quickly as the size of the system increases. Contracting with a third-party company can provide a discount on the total software cost, as they handle the licensing with the software company directly.

At SherTech we offer best-in-industry scanning software at a cost suited to your organization. Furthermore, we will assist your organization in understanding the scan results and fixing detected vulnerabilities.