Cyber Insurance Implementation

Cyber Insurance Lifecycle

Cyber Insurance is growing in popularity as a method of insulating an organization from financial loss in
the event of a cyber incident. However, insurance companies are beginning to require more stringent
security controls in place before coverage is granted. Additionally, not all cyber insurance plans are
created equal. Finding the right policy, with the right coverage, for the right price can be a challenge.

SherTech is here to help you through all the stages of your Cyber Insurance Lifecycle. From assisting
with procuring coverage, to reviewing policy and coverage, completing security evaluations, and most
importantly, providing assistance in implementing required controls required by your cyber insurance


  • Review of the Cyber-Policy Security Checklist to ensure the organization is compliant and will be
    able to obtain coverage
  • Review of Third-Party contracts and business agreements in-line with Cyber Insurance

    • Provide assistance with implementing security requirements for Cyber-Insurance policies
    • Encryption
    • MFA
    • Securing Remote Access
    • Security Policies
    • Security Training