Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technologies enable your business to utilize offsite storage and computer infrastructure. This provides offsite backup and disaster recovery options. It also allows for you to skip the headaches of replacing, maintaining hardware, and costly overhead. However, Cloud solutions should be carefully examined. What works for some companies may not work for others. Security is also of utmost concern – is it in a company’s best interest to keep their most important data offsite on a cloud server? These are questions that we can help you answer. SherTech will help you navigate and identify risk and plan and prepare for deployment. We will will also ensure a smooth migration process while adhering to the needs of your company.

Cloud Data Store and backup is the best way to avoid data loss and downtime. It is secure and easy to restore your business continuity from daily, hourly, or incremental backups. When and if disaster strikes, having cloud based backup can mean business uptime in a matter of hours instead of days, months or worse – never.