Disaster Planning and Recovery

SherTech can assist your business with disaster planning. Disaster planning is essential to business continuation in case of natural, man-made, or technological disasters. We can help you plan, test, and implement a complete, logical, and step by step disaster recovery solution.

Planning for the worst case scenario is the best train of thought when it comes to data. First of all, a hard drive is a very fragile piece of equipment – whether in a server, storage array, laptop, desktop, cell phone, tablet, or wearable. It doesn’t take a natural disaster to eliminate important company data. Viruses, malware, and ransomware can cause as much or more havoc. Even just turning on a computer or server can cause a drive to malfunction.

Having a smart, verifiable, and easily accessible backup solution is key to business continuation just in case the worst case scenario strikes.

Let us help you create a plan of attack so you can sleep better at night. We tailor disaster recovery and backup solutions to your business needs.