IT security is the most important part of your IT infrastructure. With big data, cloud computing, mobility, and BYOD (bring your own device) comes a great deal of opportunity for businesses, but also creates convenient entry points for cyber-criminals to exploit and attack vulnerable and disconnected security.

Our expertise can help you combat the complex threats that sophisticated viruses and malware can impose on your companies. We can administer the implementation of antivirus, anti-malware software, spam filtering, and software that predicts data theft and malware through web filtering services.

SherTech will help you develop policies, processes, and procedures that will protect business assets. Our quarterly, yearly, or on demand security audits will help your business continue compliance. Then we will help you enforce policy and manage the process to ensure a safe and secure business environment.

Human mistakes and error account for a large percentage of data breaches, over 80%. Education is key to developing a safe technology working environment. SherTech offers technology safety training sessions and supporting documentation to educate staff to make your business less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

SherTech can help you with:

Protecting your critical assets and core systems.
Planning for success: planning and preparation are the secret ingredient to successful security programs.
Vulnerability identification and remediation
System Hardening
Securing satellite or work from home employee remote access
Malware and Ransomware Protection