Network & Infrastructure Planning

SherTech will ensure that all of your network connectivity, communication paths, user processes, application services, and internet services are working safely, securely, and optimally.  We can help you plan and choose the way you are going to set up your network. From mapping the network out, to choosing the proper equipment, our job is to make sure your communications are safe and reliable.

What we can help you with:

  • Access current Network Infrastructure
  • Network infrastructure planning and design – a fully integrated and scalable infrastructure, focusing on network reliability
  • Oversee implementation and deployment the IT infrastructure
  • Train your staff on documenting procedures and configuration information

IT Infrastructure Auditing

We can help your business be more secure and compliant with federal and local government regulations. We are experienced in various industries including the Energy, Healthcare, Law, Education, Manufacturing, and Technology.

  • Ensure Network infrastructure is secure and closed off to potential risk.
  • Assess the process of how user accounts are being implemented and managed. Ensure that there are no loop holes in security permissions and that people are given the right level of access to company data.
  • Help internal IT or external IT firms with clean and thorough processes to limit IT security risk and flaws.
  • We provide a detailed breakdown of all IT infrastructure ( Software and Hardware). We will also provide you with a plan to fix your security and IT infrastructure flaws and vulnerabilities.