Team Bios

Josh Peterson

About Josh:

Joshua Peterson brings over a decade of experience, including time in the Federal Government, to security, compliance, and security architecture. He holds degrees in both English Literature and Security Risk Analysis specializing in Information Security. He brings his love of analysis and problem solving to security, providing solutions and improved outcomes to projects large and small. Josh lives with his family in Connecticut where he enjoys spending time in the outdoors.

Jose Pocasangre

About Jose:

Jose Pocasangre co-founded SherTech LLC in 2020 with his business partners Siddharth Pandit, Josh Peterson, and Crane Montigny. His expertise leverages his many years of experience in the technology business sector. His goal is to provide his knowledge to companies that need honest and helpful resolutions to IT security, business, and technology hurdles. Jose's experience as a technology consultant over the years to a vast array of industries gives him the ability to recommend the right solutions.

In 2002, Jose launched TecHelp2U! an IT managed services company that has helped thousands of home and small businesses during its 20 years of service. Jose's keys to success come from a unique ability to problem solve and make decisions based on informed solutions. The story of how TecHelp2U! was born is a bit funny. It had to do with two main factors, the first being that Jose and his then-to-be wife were living in the Northern Virginia region outside of DC (a nice area, but expensive). The second and most important reason, was that Jose noticed the way other IT companies were over-charging the public. Some companies were charging an excess of four or five hundred dollars per hour. Jose's idea was to charge fairly and provide exceptional services. That summer he gorilla marketed via foot, handing out dozens of home crafted flyers to small businesses and residential neighborhoods.

Jose comes from many business backgrounds giving him the ability to navigate and understand complex business initiatives. His career in technology began at the age of 16, working in sales and quickly moving into management for a large technology retail chain. This preceded a move into a position for the department of defense in a civilian capacity. His work entailed security network infrastructure defense and remediation.

While Jose has acquired a number of top level industry certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, and ISACA, he also devotes time to furthering his education by attending industry events and speaking engagements. He believes that education is key to maintaining a high level of knowledge in order to advise and help others. He has attended The Penn State University for Cybersecurity and forensics and is currently pursuing a degree at Liberty University in government and homeland security to further expand his knowledge in the government sector.

Jose is married and a father to 3 wonderful children. He is devoted to the greater good of humanity and hopes to be more involved with philanthropy and giving back to the community now and in the future.

Sid Pandit

About Sid:

Having successfully earned degrees in Entrepreneurship and Information Systems Management, Sid Pandit laid the foundation for a career marked by continuous growth and impactful contributions. Throughout the years, he has honed a unique skill set that combines technical acumen with strategic thinking, making him a trusted authority in optimizing IT and Information Security processes.

At the core of Sid's  expertise is a proficiency in identifying pain points within existing systems. Through a meticulous analysis of operational structures, he excels in pinpointing areas for improvement, driving innovation, and ultimately enhancing overall efficiency. This ability to diagnose challenges extends to a keen aptitude for recognizing opportunities for cost savings, positioning Sid as a valuable asset for organizations seeking to optimize their IT expenditures.

One of Sid Pandit's standout strengths lies in his adept communication skills, particularly in interfacing with C-Level executives. He possesses the finesse to convey intricate technical details in a manner that resonates with top-tier decision-makers. This ability to bridge the gap between high-level strategy and ground-level implementation has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and alignment across organizational hierarchies.

Crane Montigny
Sales Director

About Crane:
With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years across various industries, Crane Montigny has cultivated his expertise as a Sales Director, consistently delivering exceptional results. His approach is centered on understanding and fulfilling customer needs, emphasizing integrity and comprehension in every sales interaction. Crane boasts a remarkable track record of managing sales teams for multiple Fortune 500 companies, where he has consistently emerged as a top performer. From devising innovative strategies to executing them with precision, Crane's leadership has propelled teams to surpass targets while prioritizing a customer-centric approach. Crane pursued a dual degree in Business Management and Psychology at George MasonUniversity, a testament to his commitment to understanding human behavior and organizational dynamics, which has greatly informed his sales acumen.

Outside of the Corporate world, Crane finds solace and rejuvenation in the company of his beloved family, comprised of his wife and four children. Together, they share a passion for outdoor pursuits, often exploring nature trails and reveling in the great outdoors. An avid boxer and passionate
volunteer, Crane actively engages in community activities, further demonstrating his dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of sales.